Everyone has that one nerd in the house who is always surrounded with a pile of books like a blanket! Their presence is physically observed but mentally they live in their own fantasies. They are of introvert kind with little or no social life at all. Like to mingle with the same worms of theirContinue reading “Bookworms!”


When my sister was young she liked this  small chair in a mall. Since she was too young to explain her self, she kept her hand on it and looked at my father. Instead of refusing her he  brought her something else so that she might  forget about the chair. But to everyone’s surprise sheContinue reading “Attitudes”

The grass is greener at the other end

Our reflections in the mirror are true copies of how we look like but how we see ourselves in mirrors is different. I might see myself as Miss World or something more than that!! It maybe reverse as well. I might not like my eyes or nose. The most I could probably do is toContinue reading “The grass is greener at the other end”

Too many cooks spoil the broth…

The literal meanings of this famous phrase is obvious:Too many suggestions for a particular task deforms it instead of forming it into a perfect outcome. The reason is that everyone gives their pieces of advices which might not be applicable for that particular task but suitable for some other purposes. In practical applications almost allContinue reading “Too many cooks spoil the broth…”

Recurring Apologies!!

The most commonly taught ethical words to toddlers are SORRY and PLEASE. These words are repeated so many times that they have lost their true spirit and meanings. We say sorry just like that. Similarly we say please to please anyone:I mean anyone!!!!😄😄 Though text books are the best and comprehensive sources of gaining, learningContinue reading “Recurring Apologies!!”

Hybrid Strains

The lab tests conducted on hybrid variants turned out pretty magnificent and unique. Which led to a vast degree of new inventions and has been introduced in almost all the walks of life in forms of new gadgets, personal usage equipments, lifestyles etc. In families when there is an unusual child, it sparks a questionContinue reading “Hybrid Strains”


In Asian cultures normal stereotypes are based on looks, too dark, big nose, small forehead, skinny, chubby etc. While in other cultures the normally heard stereotypes are based on ethnic backgrounds, black people, Red people, white people, Asians,Arabs, Africans etc. If this is so why there is hussle for Identification Documents in particular countries orContinue reading “Stereotypes”

Gravity & Covid – 19

The fall of apple from the tree led to the greatest practical theories of physics: Law of Gravity. Normally we don’t think that how we are walking on the ground? right now how am i sitting in my room on my bed? Why don’t we fall? Science teaches us about the invisible force of gravityContinue reading “Gravity & Covid – 19”

Appearance is deceiving

This sentences is so true as my mere presence in this world. How many times we come across people with extraordinary skills and behaviours but they appear naive, simple and often are seen in dirty apparels. Mostly I don’t diapprove or disgust these sort of people.A question always arises in my mind,:What made them likeContinue reading “Appearance is deceiving”

Duo lingo or dual language?

They say language is an identity from where a person belongs to. To maintain this identity our elders and now we make it sure that we or our children utter proper words, use their language properly and even teach them the words that are forgotten. On the other hand foreign languages have made their markContinue reading “Duo lingo or dual language?”